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Justin Church Ministries was established and purposed to advance the Kingdom of God through these foundational principles of the Christian faith. JCM is not here to entertain you or "play" church. We are growing ever close to Jesus' return, and we simply cannot afford to mess around. Truth is Truth, and is not subject to our interpretation, our opinion, our will, our belief, or even our lifestyle - but on the Word of God alone.

Either we need to desperately and diligently seek Christ Jesus, or hang up the towel. God will not accept nor tolerate mediocre, half-hearted, impure "saints!" We must repent and quit following after man made traditions and doctrines and get back to what matters: the doctrine of Christ.

If you would like to find out more about Jesus, JCM, schedule Justin for your event, please take all the time you like navigating this website. And please feel free to email him directly. He would love to hear from you. May God bless you, as you trust in Him!

                             JUSTIN CHURCH

Justin is a child of God, a man of conviction, a worshiper, a minister, and a revivalist. He is an anointed and prolific musician, preacher, and author. His desire is to advance the Kingdom of God - proclaiming repentance, restoration and revival.

Justin served as youth pastor at Westport Community Church from 2005-2008. Since then, he has continued as a traveling minister preaching and leading in worship to various churches of all denominations, festivals, schools, coffee houses, homes, restaurants, youth centers, and anywhere that will receive the ministry.

Justin is not willing to "tickle your ears" to tell you what you want to hear, nor is he willing to manipulate some kind of emotion to make you believe you are in the presence of God. He is only after an authentic move of the Holy Ghost that demands change and prepares our souls for an eternity with God.


Justin ministers on Tuesday nights in a home fellowship. For more details click here.

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To date, Justin has released 19 albums. His electric style of writing has covered a multitude of various genres: Folk, Rock, Ballad, Rap, Alternative, Punk, Metal, Blues, Southern Rock, Electronica, Screamo, New Wave, Garage Rock Experimental, Ska, American Rock, Comedy, Christmas, Children, and Worship.

Justin's desire is not to be an entertainer; rather, a worshiper. He isn't interested in trying to create hype that disappears with the event. His only concern is to see an authentic move of the Holy Ghost, with results lasting a lifetime.



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