Justin Church Ministries was established and purposed to advance the Kingdom of God through foundational principles of the Christian faith by encouraging souls through the prophetic direction of God, instilling Biblical convictions, and developing a life of holiness leading to eternal life.

JCM is not here to entertain you or "play" church. As we are growing ever more close to Jesus' return, we simply cannot afford to mess around. Truth is Truth, and not subject to our interpretation, our opinion, our will, our belief, our tradition, or even our lifestyle; rather, on the Word of God alone.

We need to either desperately and diligently seek Christ Jesus, or hang up the towel. God will not accept, nor tolerate mediocre, half-hearted, impure "saints." We must - every one of us - repent from following after man made traditions and doctrines and get back to what matters: The doctrine of Christ.

Remember, Esau found no place of repentance, through he sought it carefully with tears. [Hebrews 12:17] Regardless of how sincere we are, it will not matter, unless we have it right. And we can only have it right when we fully rely on the strength of Christ to maintain our holiness.


If our goal becomes anything more than pointing souls 
to the only one and true soul saving God: Christ Jesus, 
we then are only wasting our time, and sending people to hell.

JCM is breaking the denominational barriers, as the only mission is to advance the Kingdom of God. JCM is not interested in trying to build a church, a denomination, or even recognition to JCM. Once we willingly choose to work side by side and build the Kingdom, the churches will grow. The denominations will grow. However, when our main concern is to grow a denomination or church, the Kingdom suffers, because that is when we will reduce the Gospel to nothing, to make church growth the goal.

Justin is a child of God, a man of conviction, a worshipper, a revivalist, and minister of the Gospel of Christ Jesus. He is an anointed and prolific musician, preacher, and author. His desire is solely to advance the Kingdom of God - proclaiming repentance, revival, and restoration.

He isn't afraid to preach the Word without fear or favor. It may be the unpopular road to take, and thus opportunities to minister in denominationally focused churches may become limited. If our goal becomes anything more than pointing souls to the only one and true soul saving God: Christ Jesus, we then are only wasting our time, and sending people to hell.

Justin has served as a youth pastor in Maryland Heights, MO from 2005-2008. Since then, he has continued as a traveling minister: preaching, teaching, and leading worship in various churches of all denominations, festivals, schools [K-12 and universities], coffee houses, homes, restaurants, parks, youth centers, nursing homes, prisons / jails, banquet centers, concert halls, music venues, conferences, and anywhere that wants an authentic move of God.

Justin was born and raised in Saint Charles, Missouri. He attended Lindenwood University from 2001-2004, and again from 2005-2006, where he double majored in Human Service Agency Management and Christian Ministry Studies. Minoring in Psychology, Communications, Education, Studio Art, and Art History. He took a break from Lindenwood in 2004 to attend Central Christian College of the Bible, where he majored in Youth and Family Ministry, with an emphasis in Evangelism. Once he left CCCB, he pursued his studies again at Lindenwood.

Justin is not willing to "tickle your ears" by telling you what you want to hear, nor is he willing to manipulate some kind of emotional response to make you believe you are in the presence of God. He is only after an authentic move of the Holy Ghost that prepares our souls for an eternity with God.

If you desire to find what it takes to live a true Christian life - in accordance with Scripture - especially in a day even much of the church has passively turned her back on Jesus, then you are in the right place.

Justin's style and approach to ministry may appear in contrast and rather unconventional; however, that is only because he will never be intimidated, nor manipulated by what mainstream Christianity has intentionally  abandoned. Rather, he will present to you the unadulterated, True and Holy Word of God that demands change and obedience, as we pursue the One and only Living God: Christ Jesus.

"For though I preach the Gospel, I have nothing to glory of: 
for necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the Gospel!"
[1 Corinthians 9:16]

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